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Welcome to the WSF Shop

CURRENT ORDER STATUS: We are now accepting orders once more. Due to order volumes we expect orders to take up to 2 weeks to be delivered. If you are ordering items for Easter, we suggest you shop elsewhere as there is no guarantee that your items will arrive for Easter.


Welcome to the WSF Tackle Shop - a fully secure online sea fishing tackle shop from World Sea Fishing, the UK's largest sea angling web site.


Many of you will have read that WSF is closing down its Tackle Shop – as such we now have a closing down sale active with a minimum of 40% off all of our products.

First Come First Served
All orders taken in our Closing Down Sale are based on a first come, first served basis. We will as far as possible try to maintain stock levels online and keep people informed, however, due to the large amount of orders that will be processing over the next few weeks this might not always be possible. Some stock levels will be out. For those of you who have ordered items and they are out of stock we will refund you for those items and send you the rest of the order.

WSF Tackle will only be processing orders on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will not be shipping items between Thursday and Sunday.

All of our expedited delivery options are no longer valid. If you want an item to be sent via Special Delivery because you want the item tracked for example we can still do this but it won’t be processed any faster.

Due to the volume of orders, order dispatch times will be longer than usual, we aim to send out parcels as quickly as we can but there will be delays.


WSF is like every other online service; we are constantly trying to improve the web site, the service we offer and how we provide information for the 200,000 plus anglers who use the web site each month. Since December I have taken some time out of the web site in order to look at the overall picture, to see how various aspects of the web site work and how it will progress in the future.

The Internet is changing every day, today the Internet is radically different to the Internet of seven years ago, let alone 16 years ago when WSF launched. For the first nine years of WSF it was funded from my own pocket, as the site grew it become increasingly difficult to fund the site. Some real money had to be found and the decision was made to launch the WSF Tackle Shop.

WSF Tackle focused on a tight range of tackle anglers would use in their everyday angling  - with a view of generating funds to keep the lights on and make sure anglers from around the world could continue to swap stories uninterrupted. For five years this policy worked, leading to better investment in servers and technology allowing the site to work with minimal downtime and consistent, sustained investment in software and content.

Until two years ago the WSF Tackle Shop was responsible for the lions share of the money that went back into the web site, keeping the lights on, the server staff happy and our writers fed. Recently this share has significantly dropped. The web site is no longer reliant on WSF Tackle to provide the funds to keep the site running.

The overview took into account all aspects of the WSF site, identifying areas that are growing, need more attention or are no longer viable. The overwhelming conclusion from the overview is that WSF does not have the time or the requirement to run an online tackle shop anymore and the Tackle Shop will be closed.

I’m the first to acknowledge that the WSF site has lost its way and in some cases has been neglected over the past seven years compared to how it used to be looked after when I was constantly around the site. Closing the WSF Tackle Shop will release not only myself but also all of the WSF Team from the burden of running a retail operation to fully concentrate on the WSF Web Site and our other angling properties online.

As with all Tackle Shops when the decision is made to close, there is usually a large amount of stock left over. We are no different, over the years we have invested significant sums in stock levels and as such we’ve got a rake of gear to get rid of! So the WSF Tackle Closing Down Sale is now active with over 40% slashed from WSF Prices with as much as 70% off selected items. For more information on the Closing Down Sale please follow this link.

Once the WSF Tackle Shop has closed we will be launching a new, compact Merchandise Store so you can still get your hands on WSF goodies like Hoodies, T-Shirts, Hats, Sew on Badges and the like :)

As we are now at the end of this statement I’d like to thank a few people who have helped the retail side of WSF work over the years. Firstly a special thanks to all of you who have purchased from us, we really appreciate the business and those purchases have enabled us to improve the WSF site. I’d also like to thank Judy who ran the orders system for WSF Tackle and also Rob Wyatt and David Duffes for their insight into all things retail. The final thanks goes to George Cunningham and Karl Murphy, just for putting up with me as a customer for seven years - always a pleasure working with you both.

From a personal point of view I cannot wait to be working on the WSF Site properly and full time again, it has been too long!

Tight Lines


Mike Thrussell Jnr
Managing Director, World Sea Fishing Ltd.




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